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When my partner and I started our search for a doula one thing that was brought up was my partner feeling like a doula may make him less involved in our birth so we knew we were looking for a doula who would be a member of our team not just a partner for me (the one giving birth). The first time we met Dav she instantly treated my partner and I equally asking him specific questions and forging an individual relationship with each of us as well as us as a couple. This inclusiveness made her stand out from the other interviews we had and carried through our entire relationship.

Dav was/is warm, fun, relaxed and informative. She was always there for us throughout our pregnancy and birth. Our birth experience ended up being drastically different than we expected and for that we couldn’t be happier that we choose Dav to come on the journey with us. During our birth she was a great advocate, support, and collaborator in making our unforeseen circumstances as good as we could hope for during the birth of our daughter.

Dav also did some postpartum work with us and I can not recommend that enough, having her come and help continue to get us settled into our new roles as parents was so helpful and much needed.

Choosing a doula is a very personal and fascinating choice to be made, for us we feel we could not have made a better choice. Dav just got us, our wants and hope for our birth experience and whatever was going on, wherever the day took us Dav got it and in the end that’s what we needed; a support person on our team who got us, and that was Dav. -Tara, Seattle, WA

My ankles were about to burst and my heart was swollen with fear as I would think of giving birth to my first child, Eva.  At this most vulnerable time of my life, Davinah swooped in and reaffirmed me--in all of my pregnant glory that I was a warrior.  A woman of beauty, a woman of strength, and as a woman who was assisting in one of life's greatest miracles.  Davinah became a part of spirit during this time as she supported me throughout my two back-to-back pregnancies and provided our family with impeccable infant care.  She helped me understand how every feeding, diaper change, and interaction could be a spiritual experience rather than one filled with stress and anxiety.  Ultimately, having her throughout my pregnancies and early infant care provided our family with a strong foundation based on love and patience.  She is a gift and continues to be a vital part of my family's life, even though my children are 5 and 8 years old.  They will always know Davinah as a source of warmth and love! -Lisa D. Bay Area, CA

Simply put, Davinah just intuitively knows how to be around pregnant mamas, new mamas and babies. She uses her warmth, kindness and ability to read people to be what you need when you're feeling elated about your newborn or exhausted from the intensity of birthing a baby into the world. She'll be gentle and sensitive when you need it and use humor to lighten things up when you're ready. She has helped me with both my babies in their early days and knows how to see what would be helpful or ask directly what kind of help I need. I joke with her all the time that I am tempted to get pregnant again just so I can have her be my doula. She is the best. You won't regret hiring her. -Lindsey D. Bay Area, CA

My husband and I were very grateful to have Davinah with us during the birth of our daughter. She has a very calm and nurturing presence to her and I knew I was going to be comfortable with her in the delivery room from our very first meeting. We moved during my pregnancy to somewhere further(therefore giving birth in a different hospital) and Davinah was very flexible and accommodating. She’s very communicative and was immediately available once I was in labor. I had a natural birth without painkillers and wouldn’t have been able to do it without her. She guided me through each contraction and rallied behind me and my husband. We would be happy to recomend her to any of our close friends. We won’t hessitate to recommend her to any of our friends. -Di, Seattle, WA

Davinah is incredible! I was attempting a VBAC and at 38 weeks, panicked a bit and felt like I neede more support. Dav stepped right in, asked the questions I needed someone to ask to help me get my mind right pre-birth. She was amazing during my labor, supporting both my husband and me through the whole thing. She also met with us post-partum and asked more questions that helped us process the birth. We highly recommend her! -Annika, Seattle, WA