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Postpartum Doula Support

Postpartum doula support

When you return home, things can feel heightened, different but the same, and you don’t really know where to begin. Family and friends are coming and going, routine feels impossible to maintain, and there is new life needing every ounce of your direct attention. Parts of life continue as they have always been, but with your new addition(s) to the family— “normal” can feel overwhelming, hard to manage, and isolating. Who will take care of the pet? Who’s going to shop for meals that week, let alone make them? Who will make family and friends leave when things feel overwhelming? Who can I process my labor experience with? Sleep? 

As a certified Postpartum Doula, I connect and support my clients from the 0-6 month stage after birth. I offer weekly to monthly support with:

Birth experience debriefing, ceremonial closing of the mother (please inquire), referrals, lactation support, sibling integration/adjustment, emotional + physiological healing after your unique birth, meal preparation to ensure proper healing, sleep + rest support. 

*$30-40 an hour based on size of family, needs, etc.

Under special circumstances, I offer night time doula support to help you get a full nights sleep.

*I deeply believe that every person has a right to emotional, physical and psychological support from a Doula. Your financial circumstances should not hinder this. I am happy to volunteer my time or offer a sliding scale to those who are without monetary resources and am willing to barter for products and/or services.